Welcome to Instawareness! Ready to gain more insight into your Instagram feed?

Social media is omnipresent. From the moment we get up in the morning to the moment we prepare for bed, social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram or YouTube are constantly present. Social media’s impact on our daily lives raises various questions about their power and about the way they control what we see or not see in our social media feeds.

For that reason Instawareness was developed; it helps you to better understand the invisible curation algorithm of Instagram. This algorithm determines which posts, and in which ranking, appear on your Instagram feed and which do not.

Want to try it out? Just follow the instructions!
  • Follow the steps on the right to log in.
  • Instawareness will show you which posts and friends you get to see more (or less) frequently and which posts are hidden from you by the algorithm.

When you are logged in successfully, Instawareness will fetch the first 50 posts from your feed. This data is first encrypted ensuring that nobody can access it. Instawareness processes your data anonymously and does not store it. Only you gets to see the results from your own feed.

Instawareness source code is publicly available ensuring full transparency about how your data is processed. You will remain logged in to Instawareness unless you log off. Each time you login, your Instagram feed is fetched, this means that result may vary.

How do I use Instawareness?